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At SZN Partners, we are passionate about empowering our clients to build successful, sustainable, and compliant cannabis businesses. Our team of industry veterans and experts offer a wide range of services designed to guide you through every stage of your cannabis journey, from license applications to facility planning, and everything in between.

Founded in 2021, our first project involved providing operations and compliance management for a large-scale, several hundred-acre medical cannabis farming operation in Northeast Oklahoma. Since then, we have expanded our services and expertise, partnering with clients from across the spectrum of the cannabis industry.

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Our Mission

At SZN Partners, our mission is to empower cannabis entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive, tailored solutions that drive success and foster sustainable growth. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled expertise, innovation, and integrity in every aspect of our services, fostering strong partnerships, and contributing to the positive impact of the cannabis industry on communities and the environment.

Our Vision

SZN Partners envisions a future where the cannabis industry thrives through sustainable growth, innovation, and collaboration. As a trusted leader in cannabis consulting, we aim to foster the development of world-class cannabis businesses that contribute positively to society, the environment, and the economy. Our commitment to exceptional client service, continuous improvement, and the highest ethical standards will guide us in shaping the industry's evolution and unlocking new opportunities for the benefit of all stakeholders.


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